Many people have always dreamed of turning into millionaires; however, they have viewed that wish as more of a whimsical chimera than a practical reality. Yet with the emergence of Tai Lopez and the 67 Steps, individuals are starting to take that fantasy and make it into their real lives. Before beginning the program, individuals should prepare themselves for the steps ahead; becoming a millionaire will require hard work and dedication.

While individuals do not necessarily need to read the entire book before they begin, they should acquaint themselves with the philosophy of Tai Lopez and his 67 Steps program. Reading through the introductory material and several pages at the beginning can let people know what they should expect. Readers can understand the level of commitment they will need to make. This step is important because completing it will help people to know if this program is the right choice for them now. They may have a host of upcoming social obligations, for example, that would prevent them from saving money, so they may need to start several months into the future.


People who wish to complete these 67 steps should find a source of inspiration. At times, they are likely to feel that the climb is arduous and want to give up, but if they have a tangible piece of motivation, they have motivation.

For example, some people may want to clear themselves of student loan debt as soon as they become millionaires. They can print out a statement that lists how much money they owe. Then, when they feel like giving up, they can look at that statement. Envisioning how wonderful it will feel to eliminate that debt can keep them going and moving on to the next step.

These people will also want to stay organized and set deadlines for themselves as to when they want to reach their goals. Investing a little bit of money to purchase a calendar and a solid planner is a smart idea. These tools will also serve as a checklist for people, so they can note when they have reached each smaller goal.

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